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1st AGF Junior Trophy International Tournament in Men's Artistic Gymnastics

1st AGF Junior Trophy International Tournament in Men's Artistic Gymnastics

About competition

Prior to the traditional Artistic Gymnastics World Cup, Milli Gimnastika Arenasi (National Gymnastics Arena) will welcome Junior Men`s Artistic gymnasts in March.  

For the first time, Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation will organize the 1st AGF Junior Trophy International Tournament in Men's Artistic Gymnastics on March 7 & 8.

Junior gymnasts born in 2003-2006 will demonstrate their skills at the tournament.

According to the provisional registration list, 33 people from 7 countries in total are expected to visit our country in order to participate in the competition.

It should be mentioned that this event will be some kind of test event for the junior gymnasts prior to the Men`s Artistic Gymnastics European Championships to be held at Milli Gimnastika Arenasi on May 27-31.

You can purchase the tickets for the event at MGA Ticket Office, as well as online ( The price of the tickets for Qualification constitutes 8 manat, while it is 10 manat for Finals.

Moreover, loyal spectators of the gymnastics competitions can get seasonal tickets presented by Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation at MGA Ticket Office.

Periodically updated information about the events will be available on our website (

Venue: Milli Gimnastika Arenasi (National Gymnastics Arena)

Contact: (+994 12/51) 566-96-99

Address: 178 H. Aliyev Ave., Baku

Passage: “Koroghlu” underground station

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Damirov Ramin

Ahmadzada Rasul

Hasanov Anar

Safarov Mansum

Rustamov Aghakazim

Yen-fu Liu

Kun-Jie Liu

Ming-Lian Lee

Yen-Chang Huang

Dolidze Dachi

Hagenaar Jordi

Kuzdra Christian

Wierzba Kacper

Chrusciel Szymon

Szymczyk Radoslaw

Bracki Borys

Hamarat Volkan Arda

Chakmak Mert

Kilicher Mert efe

Bulut Hasan

Shener Kerem

Stelmakh Radomyr

Sevruk Ivan

Vasylkovskyi Nazar

Melnykov Mykyta

Kovtun Illia