Sport begins üith gymnastics

Acrobatic Gymnastics

Acrobatic Gymnastics – is type of Non-Olympic Sport. Such type sport expresses complex physical movements maintaining the balance, combining body rotation movements with pushing or without pushing in it. Both women and men may present in competitions in pairs, mixed pairs and team (women – 3 persons, men – 4 persons).

Acrobatic Gymnastics in the world

Acrobatics being ancient types of gymnastics began its development as sport from XIX century. Further 2 movements created in acrobatics in XX century – one of them was became circus acrobatics which is familiar to us. Second movement is included arranging pyramid and jumping in acrobatic track. Earlier second movement propagated effectiveness of human body, however then became sport. USSR is first country which become independent sport of acrobatics. Competition rules were made and first USSR Championship was held here. (1939). International Federation of Sports Acrobatics (IFSA)was established with the participation of 10 countries (Bulgaria, England, Hungary, German Democratic Republic, Cuba, Poland, USSR, USA, Federal Republic of Germany and Yugoslavia) in Moscow in 1973 and new charter, as well as new competition rules were made. First President of the Federation Stoil Satirov (Bulgaria) was elected. First World Championship was held in Moscow in 1974. International Federation of Acrobatic Gymnastics was established on January 1999 and being as part of composition of International Federation of Gymnastics, acts under its leadership from such day. World and European Championships for this type of sport follow each other: World Championships is held in even-numbered years, but European Championships is held in odd-numbered years.

Acrobatic Gymnastics in Azerbaijan

Beginning and developing date of acrobatics in Azerbaijan meets 1920-30th years. First non - official competition was held in Baku in 1936 and this competition program included only men’s performance in-group. The title of sport coach for acrobatics first was given to Bahram Narimanov in USSR. Bahram together with his brother Elshad was winner of Soviet Trade Union Spartakiad in 1958 (third place), and they differed in USSR Championship in said year (third place). Year 2009 was reporting year for acrobatic gymnastics. Women pairs consisted of Ayla Ahmadova and Dilara Sultanova were silver winners first in World Games held in Taiwan and World Cup in Russian. The Highest stage of trainees of Coach Irada Gurbanova in their career was gold medal they earned in European Championships held in Portugal. This type of sport included in European Games program will be held in Baku in this summer. Mixed pairs and women team will represent the country in competitions will fight for 6 pairs medal.

Interesting facts
  • Not with standing that acrobatic gymnastics is not Olympic sport it included in Olympic program only once in 1932.
  • Acrobatics– word with Greek origin. This word from the word Acrobats means “walk in the tip of fingers”.