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New Year Show – “The magical adventures of Tarik Gimmaster & his friends

As always, Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation presents an interesting and spectacular New Year show for the spectators.

The show, which eveyone is already looking forward to watch, is called “The magical adventures of Tarik Gimmaster & his friends”.

The main part of the show's plot line consists of Tarik`s and his friends` mastering of witchcraft, their travel to the magic world of sports looking for adventure, and their friendship to be greatest magic power.

The life of the main hero, Tarik Gimmaster in the story revived by the members of the National Teams in gymnastics disciplines, changes dramatically when he is allowed into the Magical Gymnastics Arena to learn witchcraft and agility. Tarik and his reliable friends, Hamida and Rauf,  with whom he gets acquainted at the Arena, begin to experience an incredible and spectacular adventure in the magical world of sports. The interesting adventures and cheerful witchcraft lessons in various gymnastics disciplines await them. In the end, they will understand that the most powerful magic strength in sports is the strength of friendship.

The mysterious scenery, the beautiful music, and many interesting performances of the show participants will take you on a journey to Tarik Jimmaster's magic and enchanting world.

Hurry up to the Magic Gymnastics Arena, or more precisely, Milli Gimnastika Arenasi (National Gymnastics Arena) on December 24. Do not miss the adventures of Tarik and his friends, who are familiar to everybody.

The Show tickets are available at the MGA Ticket office as well as online (https://ticketing.mga.az/az/competition/76/#/buyticket).  The prices of the tickets constitute 15, 20, 25 and 30 manats.

Start time: 18:00

Venue: National Gymnastics Arena

Phone: (+994 12/51) 566-96-99

Address: Baku, H.Aliyev ave., 178

Passage: “Koroghlu” metro station