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The 24th Open Azerbaijan Rhythmic Gymnastics Championship August 18, 2017

The 24th Open Azerbaijan Rhythmic Gymnastics Championship August 18, 2017

About competition

The hot summer days’ last national competition will take place namely among rhythmic gymnasts. The representatives of the most elegant gymnastics discipline are looking forward to the competition day to be among the winners of the 24th Azerbaijan Championship on August 18. 

25 gymnasts included into the junior and senior age categories will compete for the medals by executing the compositions consisting of the harmony of beautiful music and complicated elements with a hoop, a ball, a ribbon and clubs. 

Along with the representatives of “Ojag Sport” Club, Baku Gymnastics School, “Start” and “Zirva International” Sports Clubs as well as Ganja, Gusar and Kurdamir, the sportswomen from abroad, participating in the training camp held in our country, will demonstrate their interesting performances in front of the spectators.  

At gymnastics events, always organized in different atmosphere for the purpose of reducing the competitors’ excitement and making the competitions more spectacular and interesting for the audience who come to support the gymnasts, contests with presenting gifts, entertaining flash mobs and exhibition performances will be held this time as well.  

Tickets to the tournament are available from the Arena’s ticketing office. The price is 6 manat. 

The more detailed information about the competitions can be found from the web page of the Federation. 

The start time of the competition: 12:00

Venue: Milli Gimnastika Arenası (National Gymnastics Arena, subsidiary hall)

Phone: +994 12/51 566-96-99 

Address: 178 Heydar Aliyev Ave., Baku 

Passage: “Koroghlu” metro station

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Individual program

12:00-12:15           Opening Ceremony

12:15-14:30            Juniors (2002-2004)

                                Group 1 - a hoop, a ball, clubs and a ribbon

14:30-15:00            Break

15:00-17:15            Juniors (2002-2004) and Seniors (born in 2001 and older)

                               Group 2 - a hoop, a ball, clubs and a ribbon

17:15-17:30            Exhibition perforamnces

17:30                      Award Ceremony (Juniors and Seniors)