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Brazilian expert: Azerbaijani aerobic gymnastics team achieves impressive results

09 November 2019

Brazilian expert: Azerbaijani aerobic gymnastics team achieves impressive results

The Azerbaijani aerobic gymnastics team’s results achieved over the past five years are impressive, Katia Lemos, Brazilian expert at the Academy of the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG), told Trend on Nov. 8.

Lemos is conducting the second-level aerobic gymnastics coaching courses in Baku.

“I don’t know other aerobic gymnastics team, which has changed so much for the better in such a short period as the Azerbaijani national team,” the expert said. “The Azerbaijani team is still young, but the development path it has passed recently is amazing. I think that the Azerbaijani team is great. The Azerbaijani aerobic gymnastics team will achieve great success in further tournaments as the team’s capacity is really impressive."

While speaking about the coaching courses, Lemos stressed their importance in training qualified specialists.

"It is important to develop the professional level of trainers,” she said. “For this purpose, these courses are conducted. The courses are held at a high level in Baku. This is my second visit to Azerbaijan. I arrived in Baku for the first time in 2017. During my visit in Baku, I fell in love with your city. I tell all my friends, relatives and acquaintances about beautiful Baku city, the Caspian Sea, friendly people and of course, the magnificent conditions created for gymnasts."

The coaching courses in aerobic gymnastics of the FIG Academy are being held in the National Gymnastics Arena in Baku from Nov. 5 through Nov. 12.

The program of the courses consists of theoretical and practical classes. Nineteen coaches from six countries, namely, Azerbaijan, Argentina, Iran, Mexico, Moldova and Ukraine, are involved in the courses.

The courses are being held by FIG experts including head of the courses Olga Kyselovicova from Slovakia, Brazilian expert Katia Lemos and head coach of the Azerbaijani team in aerobic gymnastics, expert Marian Kolev.