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27 January 2014


Gymnasts from all over the world come to Azerbaijan to take part in training camps held in Baku. There are not only athletes who are preparing for the European Championships among them but also guests from other continents. One of them - is a Mexican Cynthia Yasmin Valdez Perez, who talked about her trainings in Baku, impressions of the city and the future plans.

"You have taken a long journey to Baku for training. What are your first impressions?"

"I am happy to be here as I am training among professionals in Baku. Everybody knows the level of Azerbaijani rhythmic gymnastics and training camps in your country can give me a lot. Moreover, there are excellent coaches here, who are ready to give some tips at any time.

"As far as we know, the head coach of the Azerbaijani national team, Mariana Vasileva, helps you to construct some exercises, doesn't she?"

"The compositions constructed by M. Vasileva for Azerbaijani gymnasts attracts me first of all. They have always distinguished themselves with elements of complexity and each of them is a real work of art. And I am very grateful to the coach who helps me to prepare exercises for a new season. I feel the work with M. Vasileva improves my professional skills."

"Now, many rhythmic gymnasts are preparing for the European Championships in Baku. What are your priorities for the season?"

"There are too many competitions here and the season traditionally turns out to be saturated. An immediate goal is a successful performance at Mexican Championship. And, if we speak about the international events, I am preparing for the World Championships in Izmir as well as qualification for the Pan American Games in Toronto. In addition, Mexico will host the Central American Games this year – the main competition of the season on our continent."

"And what are your expectations this year?"

"The main goal - is certainly the World Championships. I would like to be among the top twenty-four gymnasts according to the results of the Championships. And qualification for the Pan American Games is also very important - each country on the continent is entitled to be represented with 2 gymnasts at this event but it is necessary to prove yourself in the qualification."

"What can you say about the level of gymnastics in Mexico?"

"The level is quite good in whole. Rhythmic gymnasts have passed through some Olympic Cycles, we will also compete to find ourselves at the 2016-Games in Rio. At the same time, we have an athlete in artistic gymnastics, who successfully performs at the World Championships and was at his best at the Games in London. So, there are perspectives further to improve the results."

"How strong impressions the gymnastics hall where you train made on you?"

"I am delighted! There have been created excellent conditions for trainings and the complex meets all the requirements of the International Federation. We can only envy Azerbaijani gymnasts who have such a beautiful arena at their disposal in good sense of the word. I know that you will host several large-scale events in the coming years at once – the European Championship, the European Games. And having such a complex and such a team of sportswomen and coaches, which is very important as well, Azerbaijan has all the opportunities to perform successfully at these competitions.