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FIG Technical Committee talks preparation for World Cup in Baku

17 February 2017

FIG Technical Committee talks preparation for World Cup in Baku

"The organizers have done a great job to prepare the FIG World Cup in Trampoline Gymnastics and Tumbling in Baku, Nikolai Makarov, first vice-president of the FIG Trampoline Technical Committee," told Trend on Feburary 16.

Makarov reviewed the preparation of the National Gymnastics Arena for the competitions.

"A great job was carried out professionally and thoroughly in the arena,” he said. “These will be the first competitions to be held upon the new rules. The referees must see the gymnastics equipment and indicate horizontal movements, which is important for us.”

“I saw all the work conducted in the gymnastics hall, took a picture and sent it to the president of the technical committee with the comment that it is necessary to install trampolines in such a way everywhere,” he added.

“Everything is great - perfect trampolines, beautiful gymnastics mat. The organizers have thoroughly thought the way of presenting the competitions to spectators in the best way.”

He added that the new rules of trampoline competitions are very objective.

After the competition, it will be clear whether it is necessary to improve something in the organization of the European Trampoline Championship, to be held in Baku in 2018, according to him.

"This start is very interesting as it allows athletes getting prepared by 2019 – the time when Azerbaijan will once again host the World Cup, which will give licenses for the Olympics. This is why it is important for athletes to arrive two years in advance, to see how they prepare for the competition," Makarov said.

He noted that more countries could participate in the Baku World Cup.

News Agency "Trend", 16 February 2017