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Georgian gymnast feels in Baku as at home

04 February 2020

Georgian gymnast feels in Baku as at home

Georgian gymnast Salome Pazhava is grateful to the Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation for the excellent opportunity to train in the National Gymnastics Arena.

“I feel in Baku as at home,” Pazhava, who is in Baku at a training camp, told. “It is very comfortable for me here. The season will open soon - the first stage of the Rhythmic Gymnastics Grand Prix, which will start this week in Moscow, Russia.”

“I have had an opportunity to prepare in Azerbaijan for this and other upcoming competitions at the highest level,” the gymnast said. “There are the tournaments ahead, which are essentially a license to participate in the 2020 Summer Olympics. Therefore, I am very grateful to the Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation for providing me with such excellent conditions for preparation.”

The Georgian athlete also emphasized the high level of training of Azerbaijani gymnasts.


"We often meet with Azerbaijani gymnasts,” the gymnast added. “Azerbaijani gymnasts train thoroughly. They are strong competitors. I congratulate them on their successful performance at the World Championships last year, where they won licenses for the Olympic Games both in the individual program and in the group performance. I’m very glad and I hope that I will also be able to get a license for the Olympic Games."

Pazhava stressed that she trains twice a day, but despite the busy schedule, she could walk in Baku.

"We often visit Baku and during each visit I say that the city is changing, it is becoming more beautiful,” the gymnast said. “It seems to me that Baku is the second Dubai."