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Italian gymnast talks about friendly relations with Azerbaijani gymnast

12 May 2021

Italian gymnast talks about friendly relations with Azerbaijani gymnast

Italian athlete Alexandra Agiurgiuculese was pleased with her performance during the first day of the Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup in Baku.

“Today, fortunately, everything turned out well for me,” the gymnast added. “I was pleased with my performance in two programs. There was one mistake with the ball. I performed well with the hoop but I know that it was not the maximum that I am capable of."

Agiurgiuculese, who has taken part in the competitions organized at the National Gymnastics Arena, stressed that she feels at home here.

"There are many carpets in the training hall,” the gymnast said. “The hall for competitions is so big and beautiful and I feel comfortable here, like at home.”

“As always, Baku has organized everything perfectly and created the best conditions,” Agiurgiuculese added. “I repeatedly performed in Baku. I know Azerbaijani gymnasts and coaches. We have very good friendly relations with Zohra Aghamirova.”

The Italian gymnast stressed that due to the restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the competitions are held without spectators.

"It was impossible to invite spectators and fan groups to watch the competitions due to restrictions,” the gymnast said. “Azerbaijani fans are always very active, of course, we need their support today. But all this is done for the safety and health of spectators and athletes."

"Trend" New Agency, May 7, 2021