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14 June 2014


In an interview to the “Vestnik Kavkaza” Tamara Steinmetz, the representative of the Schwäbischer Turnerbund (STB), told about organization of the 30th Rhythmic Gymnastics European Championships in Baku, as well as Germany’s and Azerbaijan’s teams and shared her impressions of the beautiful Baku city.


Question: What do you think about infrastructure of Baku? Do you like it?

Answer: I only saw the competition. I spoke to the German gymnasts and they are very surprised. They said everything is very nice; Athletes’ Village, the sports village and the rooms are lovely, modern and new. One can feel the Olympic spirit. Germany’s athletes said they are looking forward to the European Games the next year, and expressed hope they will return to Baku.

Q.: What do you think about the Germany team?

A.: They hoped to perform better and now they are a little bit disappointed. Moreover, they believed that they will participate in both finals, but reached only the one. However, I think they are ready for the European Games. I think everything is all right, but it is a little bit sad.

Q.: What do you think about the Azerbaijani team?

A.: I just saw them in training session on Thursday. They are very cute. I got their picture where they keep the slogan of the championship in Stuttgart, smiling into the camera. I have not seen their program, I saw the training only.

Q.: A few words about the championship in Stuttgart. Perhaps the experience gained here will help you the next year.

A.: Yes, I have seen the work of the press, since I work in the media team in Stuttgart, and I need experience and ideas for our media center. I hope that we will be the best, everyone will love Stuttgart and it will be a wonderful event.

Q.: What do you think about Baku, Azerbaijan? Do you like it here?

A.: I really like it. When you are here, in Baku, people from Germany ask where Baku is. When you say it is in Azerbaijan, they say “what?” No one knows where it is - Baku. I love the contrast. Eastern origins as in Turkey and modern. One can see here huge buildings, all of glass. Today I went down to the seaside and I like the panorama of the city very much.