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Two competitions & two medals

10 July 2023

Two competitions & two medals

The Portuguese city of Santarem gathered together the representatives of Trampoline Gymnastics & Tumbling on July 1 & 2. At the World Cup held in Santarem, our country was represented by members of the Azerbaijani National Team - Seljan Mahsudova (Trampoline gymnastics), Mikhail Malkin, Tofig Aliyev & Adil Hajizada (Tumbling). Two of them - Mikhail Malkin & Adil Hajizada - succeeded to qualify for the Finals. At the decisive stage, our experienced athlete - European Champion - Silver medalist of the World Championships - Mikhail Malkin - having left behind all his rivals, won the title of Champion. Although Adil Hajizada was very close to the medal, he ranked 4th. After finishing their performances at this competition, our gymnasts went to Coimbra (Portugal). Malkin once again proved his strength at the Coimbra World Cup on July 7 & 8. Our athlete also completed this event with the Gold medal.