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AGF hosts webinar in “Gymnastics for all” for the first time

06 November 2020

AGF hosts webinar in “Gymnastics for all” for the first time

For the attention of all gymnastics clubs and sections operating in Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation (AGF) will organize an introductory webinar in Gymnastics for All on a free basis on December 9-11, 2020.

At the webinar, the participants will be provided with general information about Gymnastics for All and discuss opportunities for its development in the country.

The webinar will be led by Head Coach of Gymnastics for All National Team - Mariana Vasileva, and coach - Ruslan Eyvazov.

Those, who wish to become a coach in Gymnastics for All, can take part in. The minimum age limit for participation is 15.

The detailed information about the schedule of the webinar, the entry form can be obtained from the federation by dialing +99412 493 3011.

Availability of the webinar: ZOOM

Dates of the webinar: December 9-11, 2020

Deadline for entry: December 1, 2020