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Azerbaijani gymnasts bring 12 medals from Estonia

23 February 2015

Azerbaijani gymnasts bring 12 medals from Estonia

Azerbaijani gymnasts brought five gold, five silver and two bronze medals from the Estonian town of Tartu, where "Miss Valentine" annual international tournament in rhythmic gymnastics ended this Sunday.

Our junior gymnast Zhala Piriyeva won four gold medals – following the results of the four exercises, as well as for the exercises with hoop, ball and clubs. Another gold won by senior gymnast Marina Durunda for the exercises with clubs. In addition, she has brought two silver medals (all-around and hoop) and two bronze medals (ribbon and ball) to the common fund.

Our senior group team won three silver medals: girls finished second in the all-around, in the exercise with five ribbons and in combination clubs-hoops.

The girls remembered their trip, as they had to stay at the Istanbul airport for about 30 hours, due to weather conditions.

Two other gymnasts Gulsum Shafizada and Aishan Bayramova landed safely in Moscow airport.
Performing at the "Moscow" Grand Prix, Shafizada stood at the seventh position based on results of four performances, and made it to the finals with ball and ribbon. Aishan Bayramova became seventh at the international tournament, which was held in parallel.