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Medal rain from Montenegro

13 June 2023

Medal rain from Montenegro

There was held the “Montenegro Cup” International Tournament in Budva (Montenegro) on June 9-11, 2023. Our country was successfully represented by the gymnasts of Ojaq Sports Club, Specialized Children-Youth Gymnastics School of Olympic Reserves (Baku Gymnastics School) & Republican Complex Sports School at the competition. In total, the athletes of Baku Gymnastics School won 9 Gold, 6 Silver & 4 Bronze medals. Having left behind all their rivals, gymnasts of Baku Gymnastics School - Nuray Gasimzada (a Ball), Melisa Hasanli (a Ball), Amina Novruzova (All-Around / Without Apparatus / a Ball / Clubs), Hulya Namazli (a Ball), Laman Gadimova (Clubs), Selin Gasimli (Clubs) won the Gold medals. Melisa Hasanli (Clubs & All-Around), Zahra Gasimli (Without Apparatus & a Ball), Ayan Nasirova (a Ball & Clubs) won the “Silver”, while Zahra Gasimli (a Hoop & All-Around), Medina Huseynova (All-Around & Clubs) became the Bronze medalists. The representatives of Ojaq Sports Club won 8 Gold & 1 Silver medals at this event. Fatima Hasanova (All-Around / Without Apparatus / a Ball), Selin Yusifova (Clubs), Gultakin Valiyeva (Without Apparatus), Maryam Baloghlanova (All-Around / Without Apparatus / a Hoop) won the “Gold”. Maryam also became the Silver medalist with a Ball. Gymnast of Republican Complex Sports School, Nur Sadigova won the Gold medal with a Hoop, while she grabbed the “Bronze” with Clubs.