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Neftchala hosts Gymnastics competition for the first time

22 June 2024

Neftchala hosts Gymnastics competition for the first time

Our athletes in Aerobic Gymnastics tested their skills at the 8th National Championships. There were also defined the winners in this Gymnastics discipline. On June 21, 31 gymnasts from “Ojaq” & “Grasia” Sports Clubs, Sumgayit Olympic Sports Complex participated in the Championships held at the Neftchala Olympic Sports Complex. At this event, gymnasts competed in the Age Categories of Pre-juniors (born in 2010-2012), Juniors (born in 2007-2009) and Seniors (born in 2006 and older). Athletes performed within Mixed Pairs, Trios and Groups. It should be mentioned that this was the first Gymnastics competition held in the city of Neftchala.
National competitions play a significant role in the progress of gymnasts’ sports career and increasing the number of Gymnastics enthusiasts. During these competitions, gymnasts gain experience to succeed on the international arenas. At the same time, spectators are introduced to the beauty of this sport, often inspiring them to encourage their children to encourage their children to be engaged in Gymnastics. Majority of this Gymnastics discipline representatives mentioned that the passion for music made them to engaged in this discipline, which is characterized with harmony of music, dance & sport. The athletes' skillful execution of movements and their self-confidence on the Floor created unforgettable impression on the audience. Each performance of gymnasts was highly valued not only by judges but the spectators as well, which was reflected in their applauses. The impression of Neftchala residents on the competition further demonstrate that such events play a crucial role in promoting and spreading awareness of this sport.
The new season of National competitions was started with this Championship. You can get detailed information about the results on our website.