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Rhythmic Gymnastics competitions are over at the World Games

23 July 2017

Rhythmic Gymnastics competitions are over at the World Games

It has already been two days since the 10th World Games commenced in Wroclaw, Poland. Rhythmic gymnastics competitions within the framework of the Games, where 31 sports disciplines were involved, came to an end today. Our country was represented by Ayshan Bayramova in the events of 24 individual gymnasts, including participants of the Olympic Games.

Ayshan, one of the young and promising athletes of our national team, performed in individual competitions of the Games, nevertheless, she has been long competing within the team in group exercises. The first performance of our gymnast demonstrating her interesting and complicated compositions to the audience was with a ball and a hoop, and she took the 12th and 15th places accordingly. Afterwards, our gymnast executed her last routines and ranked 17th with clubs, and 18th with a ribbon.

In a few days, other gymnastics disciplines - trampoline and tumbling competitions will start within the framework of the World Games. Our representatives Sviatlana Makshtarova and Veronika Zemlianaia will demonstrate their skills on trampoline, while Mikhail Malkin joins the events on tumbling track.