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Bronze medal from Seljan Mahsudova

19 February 2023

Bronze medal from Seljan Mahsudova

Our capital hosted the first international gymnastics competition of the year - the FIG Trampoline Gymnastics World Cup on February 18 & 19.
At the competition, organized in this Gymnastics discipline in our country for the sixth time, along with Azerbaijan, 62 gymnasts from 15 countries performed at the World Cup in the Individual & Synchronized programs.
The competition was remembered with the successful performance of our representative - Seljan Mahsudova.
Our athlete, who ranked 3rd with a confident performance and reached the Finals at the Qualifications, was awarded with the Bronze medal having received 53.510 points from the judges at the final stage.
It should be mentioned that our athlete won the Silver medal at the World Cup held in our country last year, which was the first medal in history of the Azerbaijani Trampoline Gymnastics won in the women’s Individual program. 
Brazil’s Camilla Gomes (54.860 points) took the 1st place in the Women’s Individual program. France’s Lea Labrousse (53.970 points) won the Silver medal.
Representative of Kazakhstan - Daniel Mussabayev (59.240 points) became the first in the Men’s Individual program. Spain’s Jorge Martin won the Silver (58.530 points), and France’s Allan Morante ranked 3rd (58.270 points).
Having recevied the highest execution score, Brazilian representatives - Gomes Alice (among women), Dutra Rayan (among men) won the “AGF Trophy”.
It should be mentioned that the Minister of Youth and Sports - Mr. Farid Gayibov & Deputy Minister - Mrs. Mariana Vasileva also participated in the Awarding Ceremony of Individual gymnasts.
In the Women’s Synchronized Trampoline program, the Brazilian team ranked 1st (46.340 points), the Ukrainian Pair – 2nd (46,010 points), while the USA’s second pair took the 3rd place (44,500 points).
In the Men’s Synchronized Trampoline program, the Kazakhstan’s first pair took the 1st place (51,940 points), the German pair ranked 2nd (51,080 points), while the Portuguese pair took the 3rd place (50,730 points).