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The friendly competition in rhythmic gymnastics dedicated to May 28 - Independence day

The friendly competition in rhythmic gymnastics dedicated to May 28 - Independence day

About competition

On May 27 &  28, Shaki Olympic Sports Complex will host the Friendly competition in Rhythmic Gymnastics for the first time. The competition is dedicated to May 28 - Independence Day. At the first Rhythmic Gymnastics competition, hosted by Shaki, athletes will perform in the Individual program (pre-juniors - 2010-2011, juniors - 2007-2009, seniors - born in 2006 and older) and within Groups (pre-juniors - 2010-2011, seniors - born in 2006 and older). During the two-day competition, winners will be determined in the All-Around & with Apparatus both in the Individual program and Group exercises.
It should be mentioned that the organization of national competitions, dress rehearsal of our gymnasts on the eve of major competitions, various exhibition performances, as well as master classes in the regions, by Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation (AGF), has already become a tradition.
In 2011, the 18th Azerbaijan Championship in Rhythmic Gymnastics was held in Gusar for the first time. In 2015, there were organized the 23rd Azerbaijan Championship and 3rd Interregional Cup in Rhythmic Gymnastics in Mingachevir at the Kur Olympic Sports Center.
The organization of the friendly competition in the region aims to develop Gymnastics in the regions, increase the interest and popularity in this discipline.
Gymnastics fans will have the opportunity to watch the exciting competition of the graceful representatives live at the Friendship Competition, as well as at the Championships held in our capital.
People participating in the competitions as spectators must have a valid COVID-19 vaccination certificate or immune certificate, a certificate of contraindications to COVID-19 vaccine except people under the age of 18.
Entrance to the competitions is free.
Venue: Shaki Olympic Sports Complex
Address: S. Mumtaz str.,1, Shaki


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