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“Azerbaijani coaches and athletes are very disciplined”

03 August 2022

“Azerbaijani coaches and athletes are very disciplined”

The Press Service of Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation (AGF) presents an interview with the Rhythmic Gymnastics coach of the Egyptian “Heliopolis” sporting club - Hana Elarnaouty.
Mrs. Hana, welcome to Azerbaijan. Please introduce yourself.
I have been coaching Rhythmic Gymnastics at the Heliopolis Sporting Club in Cairo (Egypt) for 11 years. I am currently 29-years-old and have been coaching the team since 2013. We are visiting Azerbaijan for the first time. Baku is very beautiful city and it makes us feel great. “Milli Gimnastika Arenasi” (National Gymnastics Arena), where we practice, is very magnificent and equipped with all facilities. The coaches are professional, the people are hospitable, especially, everyone at the Arena is always ready to help us. 
Please, tell us about your gymnasts that came Baku for the training camp.
Our team consists of two female athletes. During our next trip, we plan to bring another gymnast to the training camp. Trainings here give us great experience and create enthusiasm for us. There are specialized coaches in various fields in Azerbaijan - Dance-steps, Rhythmic-steps, Choreography.
What does your training include?
First, we did regular Rhythmic Gymnastics exercises. We had Choreography classes. Then we performed exercises on dance-steps along with ballet exercises. Later, we did dance lessons together with Choreography. We practiced different styles of Choreography. We also rehearsed in order to improve artistry, as well as consistency and diversity of the performance program.
How did rhythmic gymnastics develop in Egypt?
At present, RG is very developed in Egypt. The President of Rhythmic Gymnastics Committee of the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) - Ms. Noha Abou Shabana, is very professional. She has created a powerful system that is implemented in all sports clubs. International competitions in this Gymnastics discipline and the African Championships were held in Egypt.
We would like to know your thoughts on the development of gymnastics in Azerbaijan.
Azerbaijani Rhythmic Gymnastics is very well known. There is great development in this field. I like the clean execution of gymnasts’ hand and foot movements, they are very delicate and disciplined. Azerbaijani coaches and athletes are very disciplined. They have a great passion for this Gymnastics discipline. They train most of the day. This really surprises us. Indeed, they spend more than 10 hours at the Arena during the day, everyone is smiling and ready to help us in the slightest trouble.
What kind of pre-competition training do you prefer?
I prefer to take ballet lessons every day and practice more than 6 hours a day. I give preference to train in more professional places, for example, to attend the training camps as I came to Azerbaijan. 
What qualities do you think a professional athlete should possess?
To be a good athlete - you need discipline, systematic daily good trainings, as well as the support of parents and coaches.
What advice do you have for athletes?
I recommend them to follow the rules, follow a special diet, be disciplined and self-confident. One day, they will definitely get their goal.