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“Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation met us wormly”

20 May 2022

“Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation met us wormly”

The Press Service of Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation (AGF) presents an interview with Bahram Musayev, Vice-Rector and Head of the Master’s Degree Department of the Uzbek State University of Physical Culture and Sports, who visited our country to develop Gymnastics.
- Mr. Bahram, could you please tell us about the purpose of your visit to Azerbaijan?
- The purpose of our visit is to develop such gymnastics disciplines in Uzbekistan as Parkour, Workout, Artistic Gymnastics. For this purpose, we have selected a special scientific project with the support of two relevant ministries of Uzbekistan. These are the Ministry of Innovative Development and the Ministry of Sports Development.
- What meetings did you have here?
- We met here with coaches, leading Gymnastics coaches of Azerbaijan and, of course, with athletes too. The Azerbaijan State Academy of Physical Culture and Sports paid great attention to us. There we met with the university administration, professor-teacher staff and discussed in detail our future cooperation. In addition, Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation (AGF) paid special attention to us. We are grateful for organizing such a meeting between Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan. All we do serves to the development of Gymnastics, regardless of the discipline. We always support sports and high quality education.
- What sports facilities did you visit during your trip?
- First we visited “Milli Gimnastika Arenasi” (National Gymnastics Arena), then the Academy gym. We also visited several halls of the academy. In addition, we visited Baku Olympic Stadium.
- We would like to know your opinion about “Milli Gimnastika Arenasi”.
- The Arena is incomparable. There are great opportunities here and huge investments have been made. First of all, I would like to say that there is no such complex among the CIS countries. We acknowledge it. You have great opportunities and prospects. That is why we are here.
- What gymnastics disciplines are most developed in Uzbekistan?
- Most gymnastics disciplines have been developed in Uzbekistan. The most developed are Artistic and Rhythmic Gymnastics. The rest are non-traditional gymnastics disciplines. They are developing according to mentality everywhere. Girls do Aerobics, shaping, Khatkha-yoga and with other sports disciplines. Currently, there is a very fashionable trend - Gymnaestrada. All age groups, even older people, men, women and young people are engaged in this discipline. 
- As far as we know, is this your first visit to Azerbaijan? We would like to know your impressions about our country.
- This is my first visit to Azerbaijan. I hope it will not be the last. My impressions are very good. Great country, beautiful people. Your mentality is similar to ours. We get the impression that we have never been to another country. But the material-technical basis, the city and the people create a completely different feeling. I understand about 70% of the Azerbaijani language. We face almost no restrictions. We understand each other very well in sports, education, logistics and so on. In short, everything is at a high level.