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“My coach said: You can do it”

25 February 2024

“My coach said: You can do it”

Gold medalist of the FIG Trampoline Gymnastics & Tumbling World Cup held in Azerbaijan, our European & two-time World Champion - Mikhail Malkin (Tumbling), shared his joy of victory.
- In the first routine of the final, I planned to make a more difficult combination, but for some reason my performance was weak. But it was enough for me to rank within top four and continue the fight for victory. I expected to implement the elements that brought me victory at the Worlds. Despite the fact that these elements are quite complicated, they must be executed accurately. I haven’t done it for two and a half months. My coach - Adil Huseyn-zada advised me to perform the program without mistakes. Firstly, I agreed with him, but after a few minutes I came back to him and said: “Let's try!” He thought for a few seconds and said: “Misha, do it! I’ll stand near Tumbling. I believe you can do it. Of course, it was psychologically difficult because you have to perform at a high-level in the competition. We expected our team to win the Gold & Silver medals, and we did it. Now we will try to win the “Gold” of the European Championships to be held in Portugal in Team competition. I will also fight for victory and medals in the Individual program.