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"The whole nation will support us at the European Games," - Sabina Zaitseva

23 February 2015

Trampolining is one of six gymnastic disciplines to be presented at the European Games. Individually and synchronized – that’s how the best trampolinists of Europe will perform this summer in Baku.
Two male and two female gymnasts, who will compete for four sets of medals, will represent our country in this discipline.


Traditionally, one of the possible participants of the Games, Sabina Zaitseva told the press service of Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation about what European Games means for her, how she got involved in sport and much more.



Tell us how you got involved in gymnastics. Why did you choose this sport?
Originally, rhythmic gymnastics was chosen, but my brother's birth did not allowed me to across town to go to school, so we chose the closest destination. And this was a trampolining school.


How do you think, could you perform in any other sport?
My great-aunt can predict fate knowing the date and time of birth. So, she told my mother to send me to the sport school. She said, "This girl must be an athlete. Her date of birth is Olympic”. So, I think that I would be able to break anywhere else (laughing).


How do you deal with the emotions in the day of competition? Are there any special secrets of self-control?
With great difficulty, to be honest. Despite the huge experience, each time is as in the first one. And there is no secret, I always come on the trampoline thinking that it will be what it should to be, and what shouldn’t be never will happen. Don’t be nervous."


What do you think is the most important thing in any sport?
A character. Without character, it is impossible. Only those having hard-nosed character can achieve good results. People, who have a strong will, goal, and an overwhelming desire to get what their want, surely will get something over the years. Sure, hardworking is in this list.


How dangerous is to be engaged in professional sports, or it depends on the sport?
Each sport is dangerous in its own way. I don’t consider trampolining as dangerous one. There are just some unsuccessful jumps, which causes consequences.


Do you have an idol in the sport?
Not idol, there are eminent sportsmen whom I admire with. Just such athletes as biathlete from Belarus - Darya Domracheva, she can not be overlooked. To be a hero of your country - it's worth it.


Tell us about your sports plans for the near future. 
I do not like to think, as already mentioned, it will be what it should to be. So far, my most important objective is the 2015 European Games. Then I will look at the circumstances. Of course, the license world championship is also very intriguing.


What do European Games mean for you and how do you prepare for them?
Now – it’s 2015 EG. It is my everything. My dream, my food, my life. Each hour I am thinking about the significance of these events. The whole city, the whole country is preparing for them. In stores, schools, everywhere people wish us good luck. I already feel how we will be supported by the whole nation.


If stay a little bit away from the sport - do you have any aspirations or dreams that you want to implement?
Sure. I really love the process of organizing, so I seriously think about my own managing studio.


Are you able to combine sport with normal life?
I have spent my life to sport. It is my everyday life. I cannot imagine how it is to live differently. Yet, sports and everyday life - they are different worlds, and each of them is beautiful in its own way.


Tell us about your family.
It is a normal family. Family where the parents gave and continue to give their children everything we need in our life. Unfortunately, my parents do not live together, but this does not prevent us to spend all the holidays together. They are my fortress.


Do you have a loved one?
Sure. My closest man, my best friend, support and love - Alexander. Thanks to him, things that would not have occurred without his presence happen in my life.


What do your fans usually shout, and want do you want to hear from them?
I never thought about it, and, honestly, when you concentrate on the performance it is impossible to hear and see what is happening around me.


What would you like to tell them?
Thank you for being there! Belief in yourself is sometimes blind, but faith in others - never!