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Ayshan Bayramova: "I would like to demonstrate worthy performances at the European Games"

26 May 2015

Ayshan Bayramova:

Ayshan Bayramova: “I would like to demonstrate worthy performances at the European Games”

We are just 2 weeks away from the 1st European Games commencing in Baku on June 12. The Games, organized on the initiative of the European Olympic Committee, will be held every four years.

Rhythmic Gymnastics, which is the most popular and favorite gymnastic discipline for Azerbaijani audience, will be represented by a young and talented gymnast Ayshan Bayramova along with a senior team in group exercises and an individual gymnast Marina Durunda. At the very last moment, Ayshan has replaced Gulsum Shafizada, who, unfortunately, cannot take part in Rhythmic Gymnastics competitions due to the injury sustained. Traditionally, press service of Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation, conducted an interview with Ayshan Bayramova who answered to our general questions:

We would like to know how you have started to engage in rhythmic gymnastics. Why did you choose this sport discipline?

I started to engage in gymnastics when I was six and it became my favorite discipline. I joined the Azerbaijani national team at the age of 14.
How do you think, could you have proved yourself in any other sport?

It is hard to say… I used to go for a swim - but to be honest, I had some progress but I did not enjoy it (laughing). I also played handball but the result was the same.
How do you manage to overcome your emotions on the day of competitions? Are there any special secrets of self-control?

I am trying to concentrate on my performances. For me, there is no secret – secret is the complete concentration on what I am doing.
What do you think is the most important thing in any sport? 
It is necessary to protect yourself against injury, work hard and go towards your aim, and never give up!


How dangerous is it to be engaged in professional sports or it could be different depending on sport discipline? 

Injury could happen suddenly, no one is ensured. Yes, we are taught to fall in a safe way to avoid injuries but if you make a mistake, it can cause a very serious injury.

Do you have an idol in sport? 

When I was a child, it was Alina Kabayeva but I do not have any idols now. I just think that Yana Kudryavtseva is simply an ideal gymnast.

Please tell us about your sport plans for the near future. 

I would like to be ranked among the best 10 gymnasts at the European Games. And, then, if I take part in the World Championships, I wish to be among the top 24 athletes.

What do European Games mean for you and how are you preparing for them?

I was very happy to hear that I would represent my country at such a large-scale competition. Now, I feel very big responsibility. I would just like to demonstrate worthy performances.       

If we move a little bit away from sport - do you have any aspirations or dreams which you wish to realize? 

To be honest, I have not thought about it yet.

Are you able to combine sport with normal life?

It is possible on Sundays, and probably on Thursdays when we have half-day training (laughing).

Please tell us about your family.

My mother is fond of sports, especially Rhythmic Gymnastics. I have a twin sister - Turkan. I also have a younger brother. His name is Sarkhan. He used to engage in Acrobatic Gymnastics but then he left for judo.     

Do you have a beloved one?

No, I do not have a time (laughing).

How do your fans usually cheer you and what do you want to hear from them?

They usually cheer: "Ayshan go ahead! You can do it”.

What would you like to tell them?

Thank you for your support!