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Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation always creates best conditions for training

04 February 2020

Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation always creates best conditions for training

The National Gymnastics Arena in Baku is magnificent, there are all the conditions that both athletes and coaches can dream of, Eliso Bedoshvili, senior coach of the Georgian rhythmic gymnastics team told.

Bedoshvili, together with a member of her team - Georgian gymnast Salome Pazhava, is in Baku at training sessions.

“This year our goal is to win a license for the Tokyo 2020,” the coach said. “The Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation invited us and made it possible to better prepare for the first competition, which will be the Rhythmic Gymnastics Grand Prix in Moscow (Russia), as well as for the next important competitions. These will be the licensed stages of the Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup, where we have both the desire and the chance to win an Olympic license. The Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation always supports us, helps and creates the best conditions for training. Therefore, we hope that we will successfully perform at the upcoming competitions, and achieve our goals.”

Bedoshvili added that only Salome Pazhava, who has a chance to win a license for the Olympic Games, arrived in Baku for training sessions.

“Therefore, it is very important that our best gymnast trains in the best conditions and prepares for the upcoming competitions,” the coach said.


“There is everything necessary for this in the National Gymnastics Arena in Baku, namely, a beautiful gym, excellent conditions for training, unlimited time, carpets, great opportunities for the recovery of athletes - massage, medical equipment,” the head coach said.

“Of course, the Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation has a wonderful, very friendly team,” Bedoshvili added. “There are excellent specialists here who help us to pay attention to some shortcomings in our exercises. They advise which program is better to perform and what music to choose.”

“Head coach of the Azerbaijani rhythmic gymnastics team Mariana Vasileva always pays attention to such details in the compositions that we get used to and may no longer notice,” the head coach said. “The opinion of good specialists is very important for us.”

Bedoshvili added that members of the Georgian rhythmic gymnastics team often take part in major international competitions which are held in Baku.

"After the 37th FIG Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championships in Baku, there were a lot of positive emotions,” the head coach said. “The arena was amazingly decorated, the championship was a gymnastics festival. The competitions are always organized at the highest level in Baku. To be here is great happiness."