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Competitions in Baku always held at highest level - Slovenian gymnast

13 May 2021

Competitions in Baku always held at highest level - Slovenian gymnast

The competitions in Baku are always held at the highest level, Yekaterina Vedeneyeva, Slovenian participant of the Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup, told.

"I like very much to perform in Baku. The event’s organization in the National Gymnastics Arena is excellent, the warm-up areas, the competition hall - everything is fine. As for the gymnasts, amid the (COVID-19) pandemic we prepared for the competition as best we could,” Vedeneyeva said. “Yes, it was difficult, but, as we can see, everyone coped. Gymnasts from 35 countries came to the Cup in Baku, and 60 gymnasts participate in the individual program - it's almost like at the World Championship.”

According to her, naturally, there are no ideal performances, and there is always something to work on.

“Today I was satisfied with my program, but there is always something to strive for,” noted the athlete.

She also positively assessed the ball program of Azerbaijani gymnast Arzu Jalilova.

"Yesterday I saw the performance of Azerbaijani gymnasts and liked very much the young athlete Arzu Jalilova’s program with the ball. Azerbaijan is progressing in rhythmic gymnastics year after year - this is noticeable and very pleasant," the athlete said.

“We aren’t fighting for licenses for the Olympics, but we want to show real, adult rhythmic gymnastics,” added Vedeneyeva.

"Trend" New Agency, May 8, 2021