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Dara Terzic: “I have been in gymnastics whole my life but I never has had such a feeling”

06 February 2016

Dara Terzic: “I have been in gymnastics whole my life but I never has had such a feeling”

Dara Terzic: “I have been in gymnastics whole my life but I never has had such a feeling”  

Serbian coach Dara Terzic has recently taken part in the training camp at Milli Gimnastika Arenası (National Gymnastics Arena) in Baku. The press service of Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation talked to the Serbian coach at the time free of trainings.

Is it your first visit to the country? What is your impression about Azerbaijan?

“It is strange but this is my first visit to Azerbaijan. Unfortunately, I missed many large-scale competitions in Baku. I have wonderful impressions about the country. There is a good established working system and many people involved in this process. You can see that everyone here knows his/her job very well.”

How do you find Milli Gimnastika Arenası?

“I liked the arena very much. When I saw it first on internet and TV before, I shared my impressions with Mariana Vasileva, the Head Coach of the Azerbaijani Rhythmic Gymnastics National Team. I used to be professional gymnast and spent all my life in sport halls. For me, it is a great arena and very nice place to work. Besides financial resources, I am amazed at the energy and efforts made in gymnastics development in your country. But I was most impressed when I saw the girls were working so hard. There is a great working atmosphere here. No one stops, no one is in a slow motion as everybody works well. It looks like a high-tech factory. Everywhere you can see many girls working hard and this impressed me a lot. I have been in gymnastics whole my life but I never has had such a feeling.”  

You have participated in the Olympic Games held in Seoul in 1988. Could you please share with us your experience as a gymnast?

“Yes, I participated in the Olympic Games almost twenty-eight years ago. At that period, there were different times in present Serbia and sport was well-developed there. I enjoyed my participation and it was great experience for us as the Olympic Games were special for everyone. I think that the girls in your National Team training at this Arena have a lot of chances to be the best in the world and to participate in the Olympic Games. Participation at the Games is something very special. After the Olympics no one is the same as it has some special impact on your life.”

It would be interesting to hear about your activity in Serbia.

“I was a coach of the Serbian national team before. Now, I am a coach in my own “Palilula” club, which brings together six hundred gymnasts. It is a big club and all money that we invest in gymnastics we have to earn ourselves. I had one of the best gymnasts in Serbia all these years. But it is quite difficult as you if you wish to achieve something, you have to make it by your own and there is no help from outside. So, it is a big impression for me to be here, where government of Azerbaijan, has created perfect conditions for achieving good results in sports. You are lucky to have such a facility and conditions.”

What is your plans for future?

“For the moment, personally, I do not have special plans. I just enjoy working with gymnasts. I appreciate the conditions you have in gymnastics as we have a different system in our country. I also value gymnasts’ energy they put in gymnastics. All our gymnasts are best pupils at schools. They are smart and well-educated. When they do something at high level, the country appreciates it. We think they will save the future of our sport as we need a lot of energy and efforts to do it.”

What is your recommendations for beginner gymnasts?

“My recommendations for gymnasts is to be patient, work a lot and appreciate the possibility to train at Milli Gimnastika Arenası. I think they have special conditions, good coaches, especially the head coach of the National Team. I have known Mariana Vasileva for 15-20 years. My advice to everybody is do not save your energy. Just give it to other people surrounding you like Mariana Vasileva. The main thing is do not save it for yourself. The more efforts you make, the more you get back.”