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06 February 2014


The Turkish Rhythmic Gymnastics National Team is taking part in the training camp in Baku. This season will be special for the team in many ways as gymnasts of the brotherly country are preparing with a long-range view. This year's World Championships to be held in Izmir. Thus, prospective hostesses of the championship, who are reading up their performances for the European Championships in Baku as well, keep in their minds home event. The Turkish National Team's head coach, Demet Tetik, talked about peculiarities of training, shared her impression of the National Gymnastics Arena's training hall and etc.

"Probably, a thought has crossed your mind that this year's main events in the World and European rhythmic gymnastics to be held in two brotherly countries – Azerbaijan and Turkey..."

"Yes, forthcoming World and Continental Championships in our countries – proves it once again. I cannot deny that it is pleasant to look at the international calendar when you see that Baku and Izmir is hosting the main events of the season. It naturally imposes a high responsibility. So, all strength is mobilized for the preparation. Both competitions are equally important. Therefore, we are seriously preparing for the Euro-2014, and, then, we will correct our plan for the home championship."

"Who are the leaders of the national team in your opinion?"

"This is Elif Zeynep Cheleb who has an experience of taking part in a number of international tournaments. Actually, she has begun her trainings in Baku together with other team-mates. Despite the fact that the preparation in your capital will last just a week, we hope it will be quite fruitful for the team, especially, if to take into account this magnificent hall of the National Gymnastics Arena, where it is just a great pleasure to train."

"How the training conditions differ from those we had before?"

"This is not our first visit to Azerbaijan, however, the complex, where we train, is just astonishing. Moreover, we are surrounded by our friends here - it was very pleasant to meet your gymnasts, coaches, and, especially, the head coach, Mariana Vasileva, who helps us a lot."

"What is the reason of relatively short-term duration of this training camp in Baku?”

"We have been to Azerbaijan many times before and with larger composition. But, now, we were not able to take everyone whom we expected, as the school year was in its full swing. And it is not so easy to take the athletes to participate in the training camp at present. We do not have such a system as in Azerbaijan where gymnasts going to school can engage in their favorite work and train, successfully performing on the international arena. So, in this regard, there is something to be adopted from you."

"What are your goals for the European Championships?"

"We will try to perform in the best possible way. Although junior gymnasts do not have enough experience and it will be very difficult for them to compete for the top places. Leading gymnasts of the planet are mainly concentrated on the European Championships, therefore, the contest will be equal to that at the World Championships."

"And what about the World Championships in Turkey, are you psychologically ready to perform in front of your own fans?"

"The work in this direction is going on. The hall, where competitions to be held, is under preparation at the moment. Everything is going according to the plan, but first we need to prove ourselves at the Continental Championships, and, only then to think about the world one."