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I have found myself in "Gymnastics paradise" – a Kazakh coach

16 December 2016

I have found myself in

Recently, the press service of Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation has talked with Yekaterina Yesikova, the senior coach of the Kazakh Rhythmic Gymnastics National Junior Team, came to Baku to take part in the training camp at Milli Gimnastika Arenası (MGA, National Gymnastics Arena).

1. Is it your first visit to Azerbaijan? What is your impression?

This is already my second visit to Azerbaijan. First time, I came here for the World Championships in 2005. Actually, this is the first time when I am here for the training camp, although the representatives of our country come to Baku very often. But, I am lucky to come here personally to take part in the training camp for the first time. My impression about the country is very positive. We made a tour of Baku and saw the Old City. The people are smiling, kind and hospitable, all complies with the national traditions. Our country is Eastern as well. Therefore, we know that this is a national hospitality and tradition of Azerbaijan.

2. Did you have any information about the development of gymnastics in our country before arriving here?

Undoubtedly, as you are one of the leaders in rhythmic gymnastics at present. You have your own direction, development, thus, distinguishing yourself from many other countries. You have your own style. We always observe and learn from you.

3. What do you think of the Arena?

When our coaches from the organization that I represent had contacted me to ask about the conditions you have here, I said I have found myself in "gymnastics paradise". There is everything, which is necessary to achieve results. I would have called your arena nothing but "gymnastics paradise". I really liked it and it was a pleasure to work in such a creative atmosphere.

4.  What can you say about our coaches?

First of all, human relations are always important in communication. Here you have such a friendly and cohesive team, so, it is nice to be at this arena. Naturally, your coaches have international status. They are professionals. Most importantly, it is pleasant to see that you have many young coaches who are willing to work to achieve results on the international arena. You are educating young coaches, which is very pleasant to see.

5. It would be interesting for us to hear about your gymnasts. How long have you been coaching them?

Gymnasts, who are taking part in this training camp, are members of the team in group exercises. They were born in 2003 and just started to work towards the achievement of results on the international arena. These gymnasts will be enrolled in the central training list in our country from January. Therefore, I am just familiarizing myself with this team. We have certain tasks ahead that we must carry out in the country domestically. These girls are promising. We will see what we can achieve.

6. Is there a great interest to Rhythmic Gymnastics in Kazakhstan?

Rhythmic Gymnastics is a very popular sports discipline in our country and develops in all regions. Many children are engaged in Gymnastics from the early years. People are found of Rhythmic Gymnastics, probably, because it is the only female sports discipline.

7. We would like to hear about your future plans.

Gymnasts, who came here for the training camp, are now going to have intensive trainings in our country within the framework of preparation for the Asian Championships in junior program.