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Malaysian coach: "Azerbaijani gymnasts are very strong"

22 April 2022

Malaysian coach:

The Press Service of Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation (AGF) presents an interview with Eriko Akebayashi, the Head Coach of the Malaysian Rhythmic Gymnastics Team, who is visiting our country to participate in the training camps.
- Welcome to Azerbaijan. How many gymnasts are engaged in the trainings here?
- We came here with 6 gymnasts. Only our team in Group exercises is here. A week later, our Individual gymnasts will arrive.
- How are your trainings going in Azerbaijan?
- We came here two days ago. We started our trainings yesterday.
- Can you speak about your Rhythmic gymnasts?
- We have been working within the Team in Group exercises since 2015. We got the best result at the South Asian Games. We won the Gold medal at those competitions.
- How did you decide to train in Azerbaijan?
- Our Individual gymnasts came here last year. They told us that there are high-level conditions here. Therefore, we decided to hold our training camp here.
- Is this your first visit to Baku?
- Yes, this is my first visit to Baku.
- Please, tell us about your impressions about Azerbaijan, Baku and Arena.
- We haven't had a chance to go for a walk in the city yet. Therefore, we don’t know what the city is like. But the Arena is perfect and the training hall is magnificent. We hope we will train well here.
- What can you say about Azerbaijani gymnasts?
- They train from morning till evening. Azerbaijani gymnasts are very strong. We hope that they will demonstrate successful performances in the competitions.