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National Gymnastics Arena has excellent conditions for both training and competitions - Malaysian Secretary General

17 December 2021

National Gymnastics Arena has excellent conditions for both training and competitions - Malaysian Secretary General

Hello. My name is Afrita Nasril. I am the Secretary General of the Malaysian Gymnastics Federation.

Is this your first visit to Baku?

Yes, this is my first visit to Baku. This is the first time we participate in a training camp here.

What are your impressions about Baku?

Baku is a beautiful city. The city has beautiful buildings and surroundings. Baku is a really big city.

Why did you choose the National Gymnastics Arena for the training camp?

I heard that Azerbaijan has one of the best training centers in the world. So, we decided to come here and try. When I first came here, we were very happy to see the conditions in the arena. You have really great opportunities and full conditions for training in this arena. I think the National Gymnastics Arena is one of the best training centers in Europe.

How do you assess the conditions in the arena?

There are excellent conditions here. Every condition are provided in this arena. Rhythmic Gymnastics, Artistic Gymnastics, and even Aerobics, Acrobatics, Trampoline Gymnastics - all disciplines of gymnastics are fully equipped with the necessary equipment for training. This arena has great conditions for both training and competitions. This is a really big competition and training center. All conditions are created here in terms of sports and medical services. There is also a swimming pool for recovery after training. I can say that this is the best training center I have ever seen.

Please, tell us about your team that came Baku for the training camp.

Our team consists of a group of 34 people, including federation representatives and gymnasts. Our team arrived in Baku in two groups. In the first group, men and women artistic gymnasts arrived in Baku. They are the members of the Malaysian National Team. Thus, 4 women and 6 men came with two coaches in the first group. Rhythmic gymnasts came in the second group. They are members of the youth and senior National Team. This time 6 senior and 8 young gymnasts took part in the training camp.

What gymnastics disciplines are most developed in Malaysia?

Two gymnastics disciplines have been developed in our country. These are Artistic Gymnastics and Rhythmic Gymnastics. Rhythmic Gymnastics consist of group and individual program. However, there are not enough conditions for the trainings of the teams in group exercises. Rhythmic Gymnastics has been developed in our country according to individual program. After coming here, I decided to develop more disciplines in our country, such as Aerobics and Trampoline Gymnastics. So far, we plan to start with Trampoline Gymnastics and Aerobics. We plan to develop these disciplines with the help of Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation.