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Baku National Gymnastics Arena exceeds all expectations - Vladislav Oskner

24 May 2021

Baku National Gymnastics Arena exceeds all expectations - Vladislav Oskner

A famous Russian athlete, multiple European and world champion, the ambassador of the 16th World Aerobic Gymnastics Championship Vladislav Oskner said the National Gymnastics Arena in Baku exceeds all expectations.

“Of course, all the necessary conditions have been created here. The athletes with whom I came to Baku were surprised by the scale, the amazing organization, and the conditions created for participating in the championship,” Oskner stressed. “I would like to express my gratitude to Azerbaijan for undertaking to host the World Championship. The work done is of the highest level, and I’m sincerely delighted.”

Speaking about his mission as the envoy of the 16th World Aerobic Gymnastics Championships in Baku, the famous athlete noted that his main task is to promote this gymnastic discipline as much as possible.

"My task is to try to attract more children so that our sport progresses and develops even more," he said.

Oskner also noted that some changes will be made to the rules of aerobic gymnastics.

“The rules will change, the Technical Committee of the International Gymnastics Federation has already prepared them, and they have already been published. We’ll try to work according to these rules,” the athlete said. “The development of aerobic gymnastics will undoubtedly be related to the extent to which coaches and teams will be able to quickly catch this trend. Indeed, next year will be very important, there will be a lot of competitions and it’s needed to quickly prepare for them.”

Talking about how impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the training of gymnasts, Oskner noted that in some countries training bases are still closed, and athletes train at home, online.

The 16th Aerobic Gymnastics World Championship is one of the largest-scale competitions to be held by the Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation in 2021. The World Championship will be held on May 27-29 at the National Gymnastics Arena in Baku.

"Trend" New Agency, May 24, 2021