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Raisa TEREKHINA: "Skilled specialists' training - is one of the priority goals of Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation"

24 January 2014


The course on a subject "Content and Methods of Preparation Phases in Gymnastics Disciplines" initiated by the National Federation has come to an end in Baku. The lecturer of the workshop is the Head of the Department for Gymnastics Theory and Methods of P.F.Lesgaft National State University of Physical Education, Sport and Health in Saint Petersburg, Raisa Terekhina. She shared her impressions of the course in her interview with

"Has your visit to Baku justified your expectations?"

"First of all, I would like to mention that this visit was conditioned by efficient work of Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation which had chosen the right direction in disciplines' development in the country. And one of the main issues for today is training of skilled specialists who are able to prepare sports reserve and represent the country on the international arena. The defined goal is to put all these onto scientific theory and apply worldwide achievements in this field and adopt experiences gained in the course of training of first-class athletes in all gymnastics disciplines."

"What other issues were there on the agenda?"

"I can emphasize the subject on achievement of high results by gymnasts without any harm to health. It is not a secret that sport is a professional field of activity where the athletes train six-seven and even eight hours per day. The work includes extreme physical activity and how they can be managed without breaking the health - the issue to be constantly solved. Not only the head coach but all the specialists involved - a doctor, a psychologist, as well as officials engaged in management activity should think of it. Thus, there should be a well-coordinated work of specialists directed on improvement of gymnasts' preparation."

"And what impressions have our young specialists made on you?"

"I was very pleased to see such a great number of young people at the course. I am very happy as they took an active part and asked questions which showed they knew much about the process itself. And they are eager to know more, they asked about innovations. So, It is very pleasant to work in such an atmosphere, to disseminate your knowledge and get their feedback. During such discussions, you do understand which problems they encounter in practice and which of them should be solved by science in the first place."

"Have you assigned any "homework" to the participants of the workshop?"

"They realized that they had to consider the information received and understand how to use it correctly."

"Can we expect that Baku workshop to be continued?"

"Provisionally, we plan to meet again after the World Championships in Izmir, as, now, all the specialists are busy with preparation of their teams for the European Championships in Baku followed by the World Championships. After all this, we can gather again and analyse the current situation."