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Rhythmic Gymnastics Team in Group Exercises: “We are proud that the first European games will be held in Baku”

05 June 2015

Rhythmic Gymnastics Team in Group Exercises: “We are proud that the first European games will be held in Baku”

We have less than one week prior to the start of this year’s largest event. The whole country is looking forward to the start of the European Games to be held in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, first time in history.

Press service of Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation concludes its interview project with gymnasts who represent Azerbaijan at the European Games. Within the framework of this project, we would like to present our last interview with Rhythmic Gymnastics Group consisting of Siyana Vasileva, Sabina Abbasova, Diana Doman, Aynur Mustafayea and Aliaksandra Platonova.

We would like to know how you have started to engage in gymnastics. Why did you choose this sport discipline?

Aliaksandra: When I was a child, I went to a kindergarten. One day, a small girl was demonstrating gymnastics exercises and I liked it very much. I asked my parents to take me to gymnastics section.

Siyana: My mother is a coach in Rhythmic Gymnastics. I can say that I grew up in gymnastics hall.  

Sabina: When I was five, my parents took me to gymnastics hall. At first, I was doing gymnastics just for my health, but, after, it became my lifestyle.

Aynur: In my childhood, I loved to watch gymnastics on TV. Therefore, my parents decided that it would be interesting for me to engage in gymnastics.

Diana: My mother is fond of gymnastics. I think this is the reason that I have engaged in gymnastics since I was 5.

How do you think, could you have proved yourself in any other sport?

Aliaksandra: I think I could.

Siyana: I have never thought about it. I have great respect for all other sports as I know that athletes make tremendous efforts to achieve desirable results.

Aynur: I think I could not succeed in any other sport as I am not interested in any.

Sabina: Years later, I understood that this sport is all what I needed.

Diana: It seems to me that if there was a desire, maybe, I could engage in some other sport as well.

How do you manage to overcome your emotions on the day of competitions? Are there any special secrets of self-control?

Aliaksandra: I am trying to think only about my performance and to do only the things my coach instructed.

Sabina: I am trying to be optimistic from early morning and not to think about bad things.

Siyana: There are no secrets. If you train hard, you will succeed. The main thing is to believe in it.

Diana: I have no special secrets. You just need to control your emotions.

Aynur: I am trying to concentrate and tell myself that everything will be fine.

What do you think is the most important thing in any sport?

Aliaksandra: Discipline, desire, patience and hard work.

Sabina: Willpower

Aynur: Goal which every athlete should have.

Siyana: The most important thing is desire. If you want to shine, you should be on fire.   

Diana: Willpower and desire is the most important thing for all sports disciplines.

How dangerous is it to be engaged in professional sports? 

Diana: Every athlete can sustain an injury. To avoid this, you should be very careful during trainings.

Aynur: Every professional sportsman can have an injury.

Sabina: There is an element of risk in each sports. Gymnastics is not an exception.

Aliaksandra: Injury occurs in every sport. But there are sports where the risk is higher than in gymnastics.

Siyana: Of course, it depends on sports discipline. However, I think that gymnastics is more graceful sports rather than dangerous.  

Do you have an idol in sport? 

Aliaksandra: Yes, I have. Yevgeniya Kanaeva is my idol.

Sabina: When I was a child, I liked to watch performances of Irina Chashina.

Siyana: To be honest I do not have an idol. Every gymnast has its own spark. 

Aynur: I do not have an idol.

Diana: No.

Please tell us about your sport plans for the near future. 

Aliaksandra: First of all, it is the European Games. And, then, we would like to get a license for the Olympic Games at the World Championships. 

Siyana: Right now, we are preparing for the European Games and for the World Championships qualifying for the Olympic Games.

Diana: Now, we are preparing for the European Games. After the games, there are World Championships and the Olympic Games.

Sabina: Of course, the European Games followed by the Olympic Games.

Aynur: We would like to demonstrate successful performances at the European Games, and, then, qualify for the Olympic Games.

What do European Games mean for you and how are you preparing for them?

Sabina: These Games are equal to the Olympic Games for me. And, I feel double responsibility as it takes place in my homeland.

Aliaksandra: For me this is a very responsible event as these Games to be held in our country and equal to the Olympic Games.

Diana: First goal is the European Games. Then, we will move further.

Aynur: The Games will be held for the first time, and, I am very proud that I will perform there.

Siyana: The European Games are one of the most important events in my sports career. I am very proud that these Games will be held in Baku. 

If we move a little bit away from sport - do you have any aspirations or dreams which you wish to realize? 

Siyana: Of course, I have. My dream is to study psychology and help people.

Diana: I do not want to forge ahead and I am trying to think only about the European Games now. 

Aliaksandra: Now, I have only one dream which is to experience a parachute jump.

Sabina: I have not thought about my future out of sport yet.

Aynur: Yes, I have.

Are you able to combine sport with normal life?

Diana: No time and strength for it.

Aynur: Unfortunately, we do not have enough time.

Aliaksandra: My life is sport.

Sabina: Just sometimes.

Siyana:  Yes, if you try. I enjoy going out with my friends and having fun. I like to read books as well.

Please tell us about your family.

Sabina: My father is a retired officer. My mother is a teacher at infant school, I have a brother who is a medical officer.

Aynur: I have a small family. Me, my father and my mother.

Aliaksandra: My mother sews gymnastics leotards and she is also an accountant. My father is a general director at the large company engaged in producing foodstuff. I also have a brother who goes to school.

Diana: My parents live in Estonia. My older brother lives in Denmark.

Siyana: Me, my mother and my father are sports family except my younger sister. She differs from us a little bit. She did not want to engage in any sports.

Do you have a beloved one?

Diana: I do not have enough time for my private life.

Aliaksandra: No

Aynur: I do not have.

Sabina: I do not have enough time for my private life.

Siyana: No

How do your fans usually cheer you and what do you want to hear from them?

Siyana: They cheer us differently.

Sabina: As we are performing as a team, it is usually “Azerbaijan go ahead!”

Aynur: “You can do it. You will succeed.”

Aliaksandra: “Go ahead Azerbaijan!”

Diana: They usually cheer like “Azerbaijan go ahead”.

What would you like to tell them?

Aliaksandra: Your support helps us a lot. It gives us support and stimulus to win.

Diana: I would like to say them thank you! Your support always helps us!”

Aynur: “We need your support”.
Sabina: Please support us as it encourages and inspires us to win.
Siyana: I would like to express my gratitude to our fans! We always need your support.