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The acquaintance with the representatives of Azerbaijan at the World Championships: Yelyzaveta Luzan

24 August 2019

The acquaintance with the representatives of Azerbaijan at the World Championships: Yelyzaveta Luzan

We would like to introduce the representatives of Azerbaijan to you prior to the 37th FIG Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championships.

Yelyzaveta Luzan is one of the participants of the Championships (everyone calls her Liza). She was born in Ukraine on March 14, 2003. At the end of 2014, Liza moved to Baku due to family circumstances. Now, she lives here with her mother. She is in 11th grade.  Liza likes watching films, drawing and making origami. Ganna Rizatdinova is her idol in Gymnastics. Liza’s parents brought her to Gymnastics when she was 8. Starting from 2019, she has been performing in senior age group.

 Liza, why did you choose Gymnastics?

In my childhood, I used to watch the perfomances of gymnasts on TV and I liked them so much. The performance with a ribbon was my favorite one and my first apparatus also was a ribbon.

 Please tell us about your accomplishments.

I participated both at national and international competitions and won medals.  I reached the Final and ranked 6th for my ribbon routine at the European Championships held in Guadalajara (Spain) in 2018.  In the same year, I became the Gold medalist within the multi-team competition of the Youth Olympic Games held in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

How are the preparations for the World Championsips going?

We have intensified preparations for the Worlds. We work hard. We have dress rehearsals almost every day.

Probably,  there will be many rivals at the competitions...

First of all, I need to compete with myself, not with the rivals. Now, the main thing for me is not the place in individual program. I will compete for the team. I am eager to perform well and help my team.

What does attract you most in Rhythmic Gymnastics?

I like that you can express your emotions to music in Rhythmic Gymnastics. Gymnasts always have beautiful and bright leotards. Rhythmic Gymnastics is also very elegant sports discipline.

Which apparatus is the most difficult for you to perform with?

Each apparatus has its own complexity. For example, a ribbon can become  entangled, and there are 2 clubs which shoul be controlled as well. For me, to execute club routine is harder, because they are 2 (she smiles).

What difficulties do you have during the trainings?

It can be different each day. The main thing is to start and then everything will be alright.

What do you do in order to be calm and overcome the anxiety before the competitions?

The coaches who prepare me for the competitions help me to calm down. I also try to be calm and not to worry. Before my performance, I have to check everything, and only then I will  be ready to step on the Floor. The main thing is to start the performance. This is the hardest part for me, but then everything goes smoothly. It is very pleasant when the spectators support me and it has a very positive impact on me.

What is your main goal as a gymnast?

I would like to perform at the Olymic Games and to be remembered.

We wish good luck to Liza!