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... And first medals from acrobats and tumblers

03 March 2013

... And first medals from acrobats and tumblers

Another international tournament took place in neigboring country with Russia - Ukraine last week-end, but in acrobatic gymnastics and trampoline this time where Azerbaijani gymnast Mikhail Malkin became an all-around winner second year in a row!

17-year-old representative of Baku Gymnastics School demonstrated top class performance on the track in Vinnitsa. Excellent technique of twist exercise and height of somersault combination together with difficulty of combined jumps made him unreachable for competitors from Ukraine, Russia and other 9 participants of the tournament, where, by the way, our second tumbler Aydin Aliyev took the 7th place.

The flag of Azerbaijan was directed towards the dome of Ukrainian Sports Complex in honor of our acrobats as well. First, men`s pair Seymur Jafarov-Murad Akparov took the 2nd place, and, then, mixed pair Jala-Abbasova-Nikita Trarov got the bronze medals.