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22 February 2010


Azerbaijani gymnasts have won 8 bronze medals at the first Grand Prix series and international tournaments among juniors, held in Moscow.

A leader in the individual program Aliya Garayeva performed in all 4 finals of the Grand Prix and having received high points (a hoop – 27.55 and a ribbon – 27.775) she won the third places in 2 of them. And the first places in these two finals were taken by a Russian Yevgeniya Kanayeva and Darya Kondakova.

Besides, the country’s group team took the 3rd place in an exercise with hoops within the framework of the “Gazprom” Cup. A day earlier, Jeyla Guliyeva, Stefani Trayanaova, Anastasiya Prasolova, Nigar Abdusalimova, Jamila Huseynova and Nigar Mirzayeva had become the third in the all-around as well. Having received 51.65 points in total, our collective lost to Belarusian and Russian gymnasts.

“But there are 8 bronze awards in our medal-box,” the Secretary General of Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation Farid Gayibov informed of this warm news from cold Moscow where it was 14˚C on the final day. “A junior group team, preparing for the European Championships to be held in spring in Germany, made us very glad. Madina Hasanova, Mansura Mehdiyeva, Aliya Pashayeva and Irada Ahadzada won the third places with ribbons and hoops. And a 14-year-old gymnast Lala Yusifova also deserves flattering words: within the framework of “Alina-2012” tournament, she reached 4 finals. She won the “bronze” with a ball, and became the 5th in the all-around. There is also one more pleasant fact: in spite of the inclement weather, the cozy “Drujba” hall was full of spectators, and our gymnasts were constantly supported by the representatives of Azerbaijani Youth in Moscow,” the Secretary General emphasized.

Our other juniors took the following places: Jala Garatova – the 8th place, Aysha Mustafayeva – the 12th place, and Ekaterina Prokopenko - the 23rd place among 40 competitors.

Finally, the last bronze medal was won by Anna Gurbanova who demonstrated out-of-competition performance as 12 other gymnasts. Dina Gorina became the 4th and Samira Mustafayeva took the 5th place for their out-of-competition performances as well.

According to the Azerbaijani national team’s head coach, Mariana Vasileva, “the gymnasts will take a short rest during the winter’s last week-end”. “And they will meet the beginning of spring already in Budapest and Ljubljana where the World Cup series and international tournament to be held on March 5-7,” she said.