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“Bronze” of Aysha Mustafayeva

27 October 2008

“Bronze” of Aysha Mustafayeva

Three azeri sportswomen took a part in International tournament of Rhythmic gymnastic among juniors, which was held in German city Paderborn.

According to the press service of Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation, Aysha Mustafayeva won the third place in her age group in final exercises with ball. Our gymnast gave place only to representatives of Russia and Bulgaria. In all-around competitions Mustafayeva was in 8th position among 27 participants.

Among the sportswomen of 1999 years old performed Jannat Mammadova and Mekhpara Mansurova. In individual competition both two gymnasts took neighboring places in fixture list: Mansurova won the 6th place, Mammadova – the 7th among 16 competitors.

At the same time in Italian city Chieti started club championship of this country in A1 series, where azeri gymnasts were invited – Aliya Garayeva and Anna Gurbanova.

Garayeva, who participated for “Ardor” club from Padua competed 2 times.

These results were the highest in her team. In total the team gained 93.925 points and keeps the 7th place.

Gurbanova, in part of “Komense – 1872” from Como gained 15.9 points for composition with ribbon . It was the second result in club. As a result, gymnasts of “Komense” got 92.075 points and take a 9th place as now.

The first place takes “Virtus” from Gallareta in which part performs bronze winner of Olympic games in Beijing, Ukrainian Anna Bessonova.

The second tour of competition will be held on 8th November in Desio city, the third – on 22th November in Ad Arecco. And the final tour will be in Foligno, on 6th December.