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“Golden Age” Gymnastics Show takes place

10 December 2018

“Golden Age” Gymnastics Show takes place

Yesterday, the 25th Azerbaijan Championship and the 5th Interregional Cup in Rhythmic Gymnastics among age categories completed its work at Milli Gimnastika Arenasi (National Gymnastics Arena). About 300 gymnasts demonstrated their skills on the floor within the 4-day tournament. The participants, winning the sympathy of the judges either with their thrill or confident performances, did their best to demonstarte their routines to its full extent. At the end of the contest for the title of the country`s champion, the winners mounted the podium.

At the last day of the events, the real gymnastics festival was experienced on the floor. “The Golden Age” show, thrillingly awaited by everyone, remained in the spectators` memory with its magnificence. Few days prior to the important performances, the coaches of the National Teams and gymnastics clubs were preparing for the show. Although they had finished their sporting careers years ago, the coaches executed their compositions in front of the spectators and their gymnasts.

The most exciting part of the day was the performance of the National Team`s Head Coach – Mariana Vasileva. Having gorgeously executed her composition, the Head Coach sent some kind of a challenge to the years with her energy and velocity. The spectators, supporting them with their applauses, created a great atmosphere in the venue.

The participants of the show, each demonstrating interesting performances and trying to be faultess, really proved their professionalism and endless passion to Gymnastics. The coaches, trying to include all the refinements of gymnastics into their compositions prepared with the purpose of stimulating of the growing generation’s gymnasts, properly fulfilled their important duty.

We, once again, congratulate all the winners at the competitions and wish the participants of “the Golden age” to remain healthy and energetic forever.