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“LALALAR” (poppy flowers) FOR LALA

17 April 2010

“LALALAR” (poppy flowers) FOR LALA

The second day of the European Championships in rhythmic gymnastics in German Bremen has brought the second medal to the Azerbaijani team.

A 14-year-old gymnast from Baku Lala Yusifova achieved a great success having taken the 2nd place in an exercise with a ball. Her result in the final is 25.65 points.

This a first medal in the competitions of individual junior gymnasts in the history of Azerbaijan!Young Lala, the silver medalist of the European Championships, shared her first impressions with us.

“I trained a lot and hard, so I am pleased with “silver” as if I have won the “gold”. I am happy that I have not put in a spot my coach, team, I have justified expectations of our Federation. I showed that Azerbaijan has worthy juniors,” she said.

Yusifova won the 4th place in a qualification with a ball.

“Prior to her appearance on the floor, I told Lala: go and perform as you did during you last training in Baku,” the head coach of the Azerbaijani national team, Mariana Vasileva, recalls. “So, she performed in a way that won a medal.”

Another Azerbaijani gymnast Jala Garatova performed with clubs and won the 9th place. Thus, the Azerbaijani national team took the 5th place in a team competition with a total result of 97.775 points. Two years ago, the national team of Azerbaijan was the 14th, and, now, it has risen for 9 positions! This is another great success of Azerbaijani rhythmic gymnastics!

Senior group teams’ tournament also began on the event’s second day. The teams competed in the all-around.

The Azerbaijani group consisting of Jeyla Guliyeva, Stefani Trayanova, Anastasiya Prasolova, Nigar Abdusalimova, Jamila Huseynova and Ayelita Khalafova took the 8th place. The Russian team became the European Champion; the second place – Italy, the third place – Belarus.

Nevertheless, our collective reached the both finals to be held on April 18.