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15 December 2009


Women’s pair of acrobats consisting of Ayla Ahmadova – Dilara Sultanova has won silver medals of the Bondarev’s Cup international tournament held in Minsk.

According to the press service of Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation, leading sportsmen, representing 10 countries, competed in the competition. The best Belarusian acrobats, present World Champions Alina Yushko – Ekaterina Murashko, were among those countries and they took the lead over our European Champions.

As it was noted by the sportswomen’s coach Irada Gurbanova, the current year turned out to be very saturated. “Ayla and Dilara successfully performed at various tournaments and World Cups, they even showed up at the World Games. And, naturally, a culmination was the European championships which brought the gold medal to our duet. And Bondarev’s cup became the current season’s last tournament and first stage of sportswomen’s preparation for the World Championships-2010 to be held in Polish Wroclaw,” the coach said.

Aleksandr Bondarev, in honor of whom the Cup is held in Minsk annually, was one of the founders of the Soviet school on sports acrobatics in the 30s of the last century. He developed a first classification program and rules of sports acrobatics in 1938. The traditional tournament dedicated to the memory of the famous sportsman has been held since 1965.