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01 March 2010


Azerbaijani acrobats have successfully performed at the first international tournament held in Vinnitsa (Ukraine) in a new season.

According to the press service of Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation, present European Champions in women’s pair – Ayla Ahmadova and Dilara Sultanova – won the second place in a final of a mixed exercise. After execution of two exercises in a qualification, our duet had been the first. But a pair – Florence Henrist and Tatyana de Vos from Belgium were more preferable in the final.

“Anyway, I am contented with the results of Ayla and Dilara,” their coach Irada Gurbanova said. “As other strong pairs, we came to Ukraine with completely new programs. We presented them to the judges and audience. I think they will improve their performances with every tournament and will reach the peak by the World Championships in Poland.

Junior women’s pair – Parizad Guliyeva and Afag Maharramli made us glad in Vinnitsa as well. Their performances were assessed as “good” and they won silver medals as a result.

“Here, we were also left behind by the Benelux’s representatives,” I.Gurbanova continued. In the qualification, we had almost equal results taking the lead over them in some points. But Belgian acrobats’ mixed composition was more faultless and expressive.

And one more junior pair performed in this tournament. Aynur Huseynova and Narmina Ramazanova’s debut led them to the final 6th place. According to the coach, “it is not bad for the beginning at all”.

Our acrobats’ next competitions will be Azerbaijan Championship on the threshold of “Novruz” Holiday. As to the international competitions, they will perform at the tournament in Belgium in April.