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First webinar

15 February 2021

First webinar

Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation (AGF) organized "Step to the future" online webinar together with Israeli colleagues for the first time.

Thus, many experts from 22 countries participated in the online webinar held on February 12-14, 2021. There were discussed present global issues at the webinar. These included "Artistry and Creative Research in Rhythmic Gymnastics", "Maintaining Motivation at a Time of Uncertainty", "Coaching and Retaining Teenagers in Sports", "Technical Issues to Increase Training Efficiency", as well as “Coming back together united to a strong season of competitions”.

The 3-day webinar was led by the members of the Rhythmic Gymnastics Technical Committees of the International Gymnastics Federation - Noha Abou Shabana (Egypt) and Isabell Sawade (Germany), Men's Artistic Gymnastics Technical Committee - Jeff Thomson (Canada), coach and strategic consultant - Gabriela Mueller (Switzerland), Complex Core physiotherapists Taro Netzer (Austria) and Roman Jahoda (Austria), as well as Professor of Porto and Coimbra Universities - Lurdes Avila-Carvalho (Portugal).

Mariana Vasileva, Director of the Webinar`s Organizing Committee, shared her impressions of the webinar with AGF Press Service.

 "During this webinar, we were able to communicate with each other, get new information, and find solutions to questions and other issues with the lecturers, which was important during the pandemic. This webinar was really a step to the future. The lectures were very interesting. Some of the webinar participants were coaches and judges with the highest brevets. All of them said they wanted to continue such webinars in the future," said M. Vasileva. 

At the end of the webinar, participants were awarded with diplomas.