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Our gymnasts win three more medals at the 5th Islamic Solidarity Games

13 August 2022

Our gymnasts win three more medals at the 5th Islamic Solidarity Games

On August 13, within the framework of the 5th Islamic Solidarity Games held in Konya (Turkey), there were held qualifications in Aerobic Gymnastics & Rhythmic Gymnastics. The members of the Azerbaijani National Team performed successfully in both disciplines and won 2 “Gold” & 1 Silver medal.
Our team - Zohra Aghamirova, Alina Gozalova and Ilona Zeynalova - received 252,300 points in total of 4 exercises in the Apparatus Qualifications and became the winner of the Games. Having left behind all their rivals, our team in Group exercises - Gullu Aghalarzade, Laman Alimuradova, Kamilla Aliyeva, Zeynab Hummatova, Yelyzaveta Luzan and Darya Sorokina won the Gold medal in the All-Around competitions. Another medal was added to our team’s medal box by our team in Aerobic Gymnastics. Based on the results of their successful performances in the Individual program, Mixed Pair and Trio, our representatives ranked 2nd. Although our team within ensured the medal, but the Award Ceremony will take place tomorrow.
Thus, the number of medals won by representatives of Azerbaijan at Gymnastics competitions in “Konya-2021” has reached 7 (3 “Gold”, 3 “Silver”, 1 “Bronze”). It should be mentioned that our Men’s Artistic gymnasts won 1 “Gold”, 2 “Silver” & 1 Bronze medal at the Games.
On August 14, our representatives will also perform in the finals of both Gymnastics disciplines. In the Individual Rhythmic Gymnastics program - Zohra Aghamirova will perform with a Hoop, a Ribbon, Clubs & a Ball. Ilona Zeynalova will compete with a Ribbon and Clubs, while Alina Gozalova - with a Hoop and a Ball. Our team in Group exercises - their execute their exercises with 5 Hoops and 3 Ribbons & 2 Balls as well.
In the Finals of Aerobic Gymnastics, members of the National Team of Azerbaijan - Vladimir Dolmatov and Madina Mustafayeva - will test their strength not only in the Individual program, but also within Mixed Pair. Our representatives - Madina Mustafayeva, Vladimir Dolmatov and Khoshgadam Guliyeva will perform within Trio.