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4-day gymnastics competitions are over

27 November 2017

4-day gymnastics competitions are over

It has already become a tradition to organize joint competitions in gymnastics disciplines. 

Thus, this time, there were held events in 4 more gymnastics disciplines among age categories at National Gymnastics Arena on November 23-26 - Azerbaijan and Baku Championship in Trampoline Gymnastics and Tumbling, Baku Championship in Rhythmic Gymnastics, as well as Azerbaijan and Baku Championship in Aerobic Gymnastics.  

As it was reported before, the first day of the competitions started with the performances of the tumblers. Our gymnasts defined the strongest ones among themselves in the events within four age groups.  

The 2nd and 3rd days of the tournament were remembered with the performances of rhythmic and aerobic gymnasts. Our rhythmic gymnasts demonstrating their skills with apparatus on the Field of Play, competed in the age categories of seniors, pre-juniors, youngsters. The teams in group exercises representing Ojag Sports and Start Clubs, Baku Gymnastics School, as well as “Sarhadchi” Sports Olympic Centre displayed colourful performances.  

As to the aerobic gymnastics, it should be mentioned that along with our local gymnasts, the gymnasts from Hungary, Russia, Estonia, Bulgaria and Germany participated in the Open Championship. Guests, demonstrating exciting performances in the age categories of 7-8 and 9-11-year-old gymnasts, as well as within age groups of pre-juniors, juniors and seniors won sympathy of the judges and managed to mount the steps of the podium together with our national gymnasts. 

At the end, trampoline gymnasts joined the events. Our athletes became medalists demonstrating their performances in the age categories of youngsters, children, pre-juniors, juniors and seniors.  

We congratulate all the winners and wish them to be distinguished with their achievements on the international arena as well.   

The events’ detailed  results are available on the Federation’s website.