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Acrobatic trio: Preparation for the European Games

05 January 2015

Acrobatic trio: Preparation for the European Games


A couple of days ago, the world celebrated the New Year 2015, which for the sporting world will be marked with such a grand and unprecedented event as the European Games to be held this summer in Baku.

Unlike the Olympic Games, the format of the competition includes such sport as, for example, acrobatic gymnastics. By the way, this sport has been good progress – we can note the golden medal of the 2009European Championships, won by the women's pair of Ayla Ahmadova and Dilara Sultanova.

When European Games’ format has become known, it turned out that in addition to a mixed couple, the women’s group of three beautiful girls - Lala Huseynova, Narmin Ramazanova and Aynur Huseynova will represent Azerbaijan.

By tradition, the press service of the Federation talked to them to find out what the European Games means for them, as they prepared for them, and what results do they expect from this sporting event. Moreover, acrobats talked about how they came to the sport, as well as on their normal day and many interesting facts from their life.


Tell us how did you started to do gymnastics. Why did you chose this sport?
 I was six years old when my mother took me to the gymnastics school and then I was sent to rhythmic gymnastics. For several years, I was engaged in this kind of sports, and then, when I turned 12, I noticed Irada Gurbanova - head coach on acrobatics. She, in turn, noticed that my physical data are more suitable for practicing acrobatics. Since I am doing acrobatics and I am very happy because I achieve significant results.
Lala: As a child I was very energetic, one might even say too energetic. I liked to run and climb trees. When my mother was young, she was also engaged in acrobatics, and we often visited various competitions in acrobatics, gymnastics and dancing. Then, given my interest and my endless energy, my mother decided to send me to the classes in acrobatics.
Narmin: When I was 4 years old, I saw performances of artistic gymnasts on TV and then I had a great interest in this sport. My parents, seeing this interest, sent me to the gymnastics school. After a year of employment, I saw acrobats, trained by Irada Gurbanova. Acrobatics seemed more interesting to me and then I decided to go to this kind of gymnastics.

How do you think, could you perform in any other sport?
 I do not think I would be able to engage in any other kind of sport, and I cannot even imagine it.
L: I am a very versatile person and I like different sports. And I think, yes, I am able to.
N: I cannot say about other sports, but I was good at dancing and drawing. It seems to me that I could succeed in these areas.

How do you deal with the emotions in the day of competition? Are there any special secrets of self-control?
 In the beginning, it was hard to cope with emotions, but with the time, after regular performances at the competitions, you feel more confident and it becomes easier to control emotions. I think that the special secrets I have is stable trainings and performances.
L: I do not get much excitement during competitions, because I know how to control thoughts and emotions. No special secret, but if I have, I will not share it with you as it is my secret (laughing).
N: Of course, like all athletes, I am a little bit worried during the competition. We try to reassure each other and to gather strength.

What do you think is most important in any sport?
 First of all - the desire to train hard and achieve successful results.
L: The desire to win!
N: Interest, patience and endurance. If an athlete has all these qualities, he can succeed.

How dangerous is to engage in professional sports, or it depends on the sport?
 Many things depend on sports, of course, but, sure, many sports are dangerous if one is engaged professionally. If you take everything seriously and listen to the coach, then you can do without injury.
L: I think any sport, if you do it professionally, is traumatic and dangerous. For example acrobatics. We act three and each pyramid collapse in case of the excess and even one wrong move, which may lead to unwanted injuries.
N: I think any sport is dangerous in its own way and has its own difficulties.

Do you have an idol in the sport?
 I cannot say that I have an idol.
L: I would not say that I have an idol, but I like Usain Bolt.
N: Yes, this is Ayla Ahmadova.

Tell us about your sports plans for the near future.
 In the near future, we will perform at the World Cup, which will be held in Sweden.
L: And, soon, the combined competition among athletes who come from different countries will be held in Baku.
N: Now we are preparing for the European Games.

What do European Games mean for you and how do you prepare for them?
 The European Games is one of the most important events and competitions in my life. Many times I was preparing for the world and continental championships, but for the EG we prepare a lot harder than ever. We decided to prepare for them constantly to achieve results.
L: For me it is the most important competition in which I have ever participated. I prepare for them with particular zeal, and try not to make empty approaches during trainings.
N: This is a very important competition, so I prepare for it with all my power, I want to win and raise the flag of Azerbaijan.

If stay a little bit away from the sport - do you have any aspirations or dreams that you want to implement?
 I have some dreams and aspirations, but they are also associated with the sport.
L: Difficult question. At this point – everything is related to sports. Time will tell what will be then.
N: I also associate my life with sports and I dream to win the champion title of the Games!

Are you able to combine sport with normal life?
 Hardly, but sometimes it turns out.
L: It is very hard, and it turns out only on weekends.
N: Our whole life is of constant trainings.

Tell us about your family.
 I want to say that everything that I have in my life I have achieved thanks to my parents. My brother played a significant role in the fact that now I am an athlete. First, my brother led to training, and not to leave me alone at home, I was sent to the gymnastics school.
L: My family is of four people and a cat with a parrot (laughing). My mother was engaged in acrobatics and athletics. Dad played football professionally; he was right back in "Neftchi". Brother just like dad played football, and then in 15 years he came in acrobatics. I can say that my family - is sports family.
N: I have a family of six people, and although I cannot say that we are fully sports family, my brother played basketball.

Do you have a loved one?
 Yes, I have.
L: For me it is very hard to combine personal life with trainings 2 times a day.

What do your fans usually shout, and want do you want to hear from them?
 They cry "Aika, come on!"
L: Usually, they whistle and shout my name or just scream with laughter. However, I do not always hear their screams, as my attention is focused on my program. I have no special wishes, cause I am very glad that they scream and applaud me.
N: We are greeted with applauses.

What would you like to tell them?
 Thank you all for your support!
L: I would like to thank them for time they pay and support.
N: Thanks to them, because their support inspires us!