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24 May 2010


An Azerbaijani gymnast Aliya Garayeva has won the bronze medal in the last World Cup competitions held in the capital of Belarus, as it was in the Grand Prix in Spain a week ago.

According to the press service of Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation, separate finals, both among the individuals and groups, took place on the tournament’s last day.

The best result among our sportswomen was achieved by Aliya Garayeva. She received 27.85 points and took the 3rd place in the final with a ribbon having lost only to Russians Yevgeniya Kanayeva (29.15) and Darya Kondakova (28.65). Aliya became the 4th in the final with a ball, and took the 5th place with a hoop.

“According to my coach, my successful performances with a ribbon two weeks in a row, is an index to stability,” Garayeva says. “On the threshold of Azerbaijan Championships (June 4-5), I have reached a good form and I am ready to defend the title of the country’s overall champion for the second time. Before performing in Baku, I will go to Yaroslavl as I am invited to take part in a Gala.”

Participation in shows of various kinds, namely, in the “Alina-2010” international rhythmic gymnastics festival in Moscow, gave confidence to the Azerbaijani group team as well. Having demonstrated a successful performance on the Moscow floor, the collective also successfully performed at the World Cup in Minsk. The gymnasts became the 4th in the final with ropes and ribbons, and took the 5th places with hoops and in the qualification. Here, the victory was celebrated by Belarusian gymnasts.

As to our other sportswomen, Anna Gurbanova gave her best result in the finals with a rope and a ball – the 6th places. She became the 7th with a ribbon, and the 8th with a hoop. Samira Mustafayeva and Dina Gorina performed in Minsk in an out-of-competition program.