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AGF hosts another FIG Academy for Aerobic Gymnastics coaches

07 November 2019

AGF hosts another FIG Academy for Aerobic Gymnastics coaches

There has been commenced the International Gymnastics Federation`s (FIG) Academy Level 2 for Aerobic Gymnastics coaches at Milli Gimnastika Arenasi (National Gymnastics Arena).

The experts, participants and the representatives of Federation took part in the opening session of the FIG Academy level 2 for Aerobics coaches hosted by Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation (AGF) on November 5 for the second time.

Course leader, expert of the FIG Academy, international judge and Technical Committee member of the European Union of Gymnastics, Olga Kyselovicova gave general information to the participants during the opening session.

By greeting all the attendees, AGF Secretary General, Nurlana Mammadzada, spoke about the importance of the courses.

Having noted that Aerobic gymnastics started to be developed in Azerbaijan since 2013, N. Mammadzada said: “Our country already hosts the international events in this gymnastics discipline. Although we have recently begun to develop Aerobics, our country organized the European Championships in 2019 for the first time. And, in 2020, Azerbaijan will host the FIG World Junior Age Group Competitions and World Championships in Aerobic gymnastics.”

Afterwards, Olga Kyselovicova  gave further information about anti-doping to the course participants and instructed them about the exams.

The courses are also conducted by Katia Lemos – the expert from Brazil and Marian kolev – the Head Coach of the Azerbaijani National team. 19 people in total, reprsenting Azerbaijan, Argentina, Iran, Mexico, Moldova and Ukraine are taking part in the courses to be lasted until November 12.

The courses, consisting of theorotical and pratical parts, are held in English with translation into Russian.

It should be mentioned that last year, there was held the FIG Academy Level 1 for Aerobic Gymnastics` coaches.