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24 September 2010


The performances in the all-around have taken place today, on the Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championships’ fifth day in Moscow. The present championship’s bronze medalist Aliya Garayeva performed in the group of leaders. But, unfortunately, she failed to reach for her fifth “bronze”.

Having made a slight mistake in her performance with a hoop (27.3), Aliya managed to gather her strength in the next performance with a ball and received 27.75 points. This enabled the Azerbaijani gymnast to reach the third place according to the results of the all-around half-distance haaving left her main rival from Belarus Melitina Stanyuta behind.

As it was expected, the Russian duet – Darya Kondakova and Yevgeniya Kanayeva took the lead with a great advantage as it was in the course of the whole Championships. Leaving her rivals behind with a considerable fund of points, the last one was irrepressible this evening. Even some of the judges applauded her performances.

In her third exercise with a ribbon, Aliya Garayeva demonstrated a high level of mastery and received 27.8 points, and her advantage over Stanyuta became more noticeable. At the final round, the Belarusian gymnast, performing with a ball, was the first one to appear on the floor. When Aliya Garayeva began to perform with a hoop, she had already known her rival’s total result – 110.35 points. In order to win the “bronze” in the all-around, she needed to demonstrate an accurate performance with a rope. She failed to do it in the final on Tuesday and she stumbled in the all-around as well – 27.45 points received were not sufficient for the overall victory. Garayeva’s total result constituted 110.3 points. She lost only 0.05 points to Stanyuta.

Yevgeniya Kanayeva became an all-around champion again as it was in Mie a year ago and the second place was won by her team-mate Darya Kondakova.

Today, the second Azerbaijani gymnast Anna Gurbanova was celebrating her birthday. Having won “bronze” in a team competition, she made a good present for herself the day before.

According to the qualification results, Anna Gurbanova was included into the second group of participants. She performed well with all four apparatus having ranked the second in her sub-group with 103.575 points. Her total result in the all-around is the 14th place.

Tomorrow, the group teams will start their competitions at the World Championships. The Azerbaijani collective consisting of Jeyla Guliyeva, Anastasiya Prasolova, Ayelita Khalafova, Nigar Abdusalimova, Stefani Trayanova and Yevgeniya Jidkova will start the double-event with an exercise with 5 hoops.