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One more medal

20 May 2023

One more medal

The excitement of the Rhythmic Gymnastics European Championships continues in Baku.
On the 4th day of the competition, there were held the Individual All-Around Finals. By competing at the Qualifications, teams in Group Exercises defined the winners among themselves in the All-Around. At the event, there were also determined the winners in Team competitions.
Today, the members of our National Team in Group Exercises made happy Gymnastics fans with another medal.
By demonstrating their amazing routines on the floor, our team consisting of Gullu Aghalarzade, Laman Alimuradova, Kamilla Aliyeva, Zeynab Hummatova, Yelyzaveta Luzan and Darya Sorokina, won the highest score among the teams (32,500) for their first performance with 3 Ribbons & 2 Balls.
Our athletes received 32,900 points from the judges for the performance with 5 Hoops. Our Group Team, scoring a total of 65,400 points for two routines, was awarded with the “Bronze”. They also qualified for the Finals in both programs.
Our individual gymnast - Zohra Aghamirova presented her routines with 4 Apparatus. By performing with a Ribbon (29,500), a Hoop (29,650), a Ball (31,300) & Clubs (31,650), she scored a total of 122,400 points and ranked 7th in the All-Around.
The “Shooting Star” award was presented within the framework of the Continental Championships. Hungarian gymnast - Fanni Pigniczki - was presented with the award especially nominated by the “SmartScoring” company, which provides the scoring services at the European Championships. The “SmartScoring” company traditionally awards gymnasts who are distinguished for various characteristics in their careers.
Thus, the number of medals won by Azerbaijani athletes at the Continental Championships has reached 3.
It should be mentioned that the first day of the competitions was remarkable by two Bronze medals of our Junior Team in Group Exercises.