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08 November 2009


The second round of the “Serie A” Italian RG Championship took place in Desio city, Italy.

The country’s leading gymnasts Aliya Garayeva and Anna Gurbanova performed successfully enough in the tournament held.

Garayeva, performing for the “Ardor” team from Padova city, is competing in the “Serie A2”. She presented compositions with a ball (25.35 points) and a ribbon (24.125 points) for the audience’s judgment. Being the best in her team, Garayeva also gave the 2nd result among all the participants of the “Serie A2” performing with a ball. The “Ardor” team itself won the bronze medals with a total result 135.2 points. And according to the results of two rounds, the team from Padova shares the 4th-5th places having 32 points.

Gurbanova presenting the “Comense” club also performed with a ball (26.55 points) and a ribbon (24.95 points). The exercise with a ball in her performance was the best among all the performances with this apparatus. At the second round, “Comense” took the 4th place with 142.25 points. And after 2 rounds held, Gurbanova’s team is now at the 8th position of the “Serie A1” with 10 points.

Meanwhile, two competitions among the junior gymnasts were held in the continental Belgium and Asiatic Uzbekistan.

The tournament’s organizers in the Verviers city, hour and a half journey from the Belgian capital, even could not imagine that the terminal point of sets of medals prepared by them will be Baku, not Brussels.

According to the press service of Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation, the Azerbaijani sportswomen won 10 medals in all – both in the all-around and with separate apparatus.

In the all-around, a 13-year-old gymnast from Baku Lala Yusifova won the tournament, and a gymnast of her age Aysha Mustafayeva became the bronze medalist. In the finals, Yusifova won the gold medals with a hoop and a ball, became the 2nd with clubs and 3rd with a rope. And Mustafayeva became the winner in exercises with clubs, won the silver medals with a ball, a hoop and a rope. According to specialists, the country’s board of judges has a right to expect a participation of these gymnasts in the European Championships to be held in Germany in 2010.

The voyage to Tashkent turned out to be successful as well. Young gymnasts won 6 awards. The 1st place was taken in the all-around by Mehpara Mansurova among the gymnasts born in 1999 and Rugiyya Sattarova (born in 2000, all-around), Laman Dadashli (born in 1998) took the 2nd and 3rd places (a rope and a hoop), and Amina Mammadzada and Nazrin Abdullayeva (both born in 2000) shared the 3rd-4th places in the all-around.